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  • Widgets & Custom Post Types
    Let your client’s praises not be lost in the post clutter. Let it be known how awesome your service is. Testimonials come as a custom post type in GUNTU.Place a contact form in any sidebar on your site using the GUNTU contact form Widget
  • A front page template with its own widgets, an optional display font, styling for post formats on both index and single views
  • An optional no-sidebar page template.
  • Automatic check for updates so you are notified when new versions are out
    The GUNTU ninjas are always kicking; don’t wait to check for new updates-get notified immediately a new theme is out and improve your site’s kung fu in a single click
  • In-built help option that auto-updates with new help information from theme author
    The GUNTU ninjas constantly do backflips and fight for justice. They also spew out powertips on how to maximise your GUNTU experience.These are delivered seamlessly into the options panel on your site
  • Threaded Comments. Shown in the comments below

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