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  • Soar To Great Heights

    GUNTU is what you need to go to the next level. Harry Potter on his broom, Superman in the sky, everyone who can fly, uses […]


  • All Smiles

    GUNTU will make you grin endlessly. With thousands of options to make it your own in minutes and a support team that’s even more responsive […]


  • Runaway Success

    Who has time to walk? With GUNTU, your site will make like Ussain Bolt. Let’s take you to the finish line…faster. Amazing layout. Helpful shortcodes. […]


  • Dig In

    Don’t¬†murk about while everyone else has all the fun; Dig In! GUNTU takes you to the bright side of the web that those who know […]


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GUNTU is ultra responsive, with an amazing clean design

When Ninjas meet Mayans and after flips and kicks, have five cups of tea together, GUNTU is what they'll create for mortals
  • Guntu

    Solid Code

    Built on top of the twentytwelve theme from the WordPress team itself, GUNTU is standing on the ...
  • Guntu

    Multiple shortcodes

    Guntu has several shortcodes that ease your life; you never have to write a line of code to get ...
  • Guntu

    Super Powerful Admin Panel

    What is power without control? A force. GUNTU is a movement. Power control. Using an  amazing, ...
  • Guntu

    Stylish Social buttons sidebar

    Add all your social buttons into our nifty, stylish floating sidebar. You can turn this sidebar ...
  • Guntu

    Speedy Support

    Fast and efficient support team to solve any issues you may run into
  • Guntu

    50+ Google Fonts

    All the best Google Fonts at your fingertips. Choose any of them for any part of the site with ...
  • Guntu

    Unlimited Colors

    Change the theme to any color imaginable by using a simple color picker. You can transform the ...
  • Guntu

    Unlimited Sliders

    With a dedicated homepage slider builder, you can create numerous sliders, each with their own ...
  • If speed and efficiency were embodied in an entity, that entity would be GUNTU.

    , Royal Geographical Society
  • Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Yes I shall actually. For you made my site quiver, as though attacked by a fever….oh dear. GUNTU, you shock. GUNTU, you rock

    , Ultra Geek Company